SunPower Equinox® Storage
Take Control of the Energy You Use

Introducing the only home solar + energy storage solution designed by one company.

The only home solar + energy storage solution designed by one reliable company. Enjoy seamless backup power for essential appliances and devices during an outage and more freedom from time-of-use rates.


Enjoy Peace of Mind

Protect your home during power outages and blackouts by powering essential appliances and electronics.


Reduce Peak-Time Charges

Maximize your solar energy use through intelligent software that shifts when you draw power from the grid.


Manage with Ease

Create customized settings to monitor your solar, storage and home energy usage in real-time.

How Equinox Solar Storage Works

The solar system generates electricity during the day and uses that energy to power your home and charge the home solar storage battery. In the evening, when the solar system isn’t producing electricity, solar storage can decrease the amount of electricity drawn from the grid. Solar storage can provide power to essential appliance and electronics in an outage. The solar plus storage system will allow you to generate your own energy and then use it when it best suits your needs.


Charge with Solar

While your SunPower Equinox® system produces energy, it automatically sends the excess amount to your energy storage system and/or sells it back to the grid.


Decrease Grid Energy Usage at Peak-Time Rates

The intuitive SunPower Equinox® Storage software maximizes your solar use to reduce peak-time charges by monitoring your solar, home energy use and utility rates to determine the best power source.


Backup Essentials

When the power goes out, SunPower Equinox® Storage provides seamless backup power to keep your lights and essential appliances* on and your phones charged.

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