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Opting for an Enphase solar battery not only provides your family with backup protection during power outages but also contributes to stabilizing your energy expenses. By incorporating a battery, you can increase self-consumption of energy from your solar array.


Enphase IQ Batteries stand out as the inaugural microinverter-based storage system to fulfill the performance standards of UL 9540A, ensuring reliable protection against thermal runaway fire propagation in residential indoor wall-mounted setups.

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Effortlessly track your solar panel production and utility import, and with energy usage monitoring, gain insights into your daily household consumption—all through the intuitive features of our smart app.


Enphase IQ Batteries operate on low-voltage DC power, eliminating the risks associated with high-voltage DC power.


Enphase battery technology offers simple, reliable power with its robust design and semiconductor-based components. It ensures uninterrupted solar and battery power during outages and maximizes savings by using stored solar energy during peak utility rates.

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