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SunPower Complete Home System

Home solar systems have come a long way since the days of clunky panels and gradual installations. As the only home solar and storage system designed by the same company, SunPower Equinox® is paving the way for innovative solar energy solutions.

Start saving on your utility bills from Day 1 with no upfront costs for service or installation. Because solar panels are 70% cheaper now than they were 10 years ago, millions of homeowners can afford to go solar to significantly reduce their energy costs.


55% more energy

for greater savings

#1 in durability

complete system warranty

25-year industry leader

for peace of mind

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SunPower Equinox® System

A complete home solar solution.


Better Cells for Better Solar

SunPower® Maxeon® cells are fundamentally different, delivering exceptional results for decades to come.

Conventional Solar Cells


Inferior production,despite similar front appearance


Metal paste is fragile, blocks light and corrodes over time


Cell is rendered useless with even the slightest broken connection

SunPower® Maxeon® Solar Cells


Produces more energy over 25 years


Solid copper backing keeps generating energy, even if cell is cracked


Thick, robust copper connectorsflex instead of breaking


Built to last

At the heart of every system is the Maxeon® solar cell, designed with a solid copper foundation to stand up to harsh conditions and deliver decades of productivity.

Unrivaled performance

The SunPower Equinox® system features the most efficient solar panels on the market. Because more power means more savings and fewer panels on your roof.


Minimalist design

Our proprietary InvisiMount® frame is designed to be completely hidden, producing a sleek look that complements any architectural style.


Full Control of Your Solar Energy

Discover our home battery solutions

Designed to optimize your home's energy storage capabilities. Our range of batteries seamlessly integrates with solar panels, providing reliable backup power during outages while enhancing energy efficiency and reducing costs. With innovative technology and versatile configurations, our solar batteries are engineered to meet the evolving needs of modern households.


Financing Options

Available payment plans

You own the system and the energy it produces.

  • You purchase your SunPower® system directly.
  • A home equity loan can be used and may be tax-deductible.
  • You can keep any solar tax credits and/or state and local incentives for which you may be eligible.
  • Purchasing your SunPower system directly can maximize your savings. Over time, your system can pay for itself through your utility bill savings.

You own your solar system and pay for it with a loan.

  • Various loan payment terms and conditions available (including optional full prepayment without penalty).
  • You can keep any solar tax credits and/or state and local incentives for which you may be eligible.
  • For many customers, the combination of the loan payment and the remaining power bill is less than their previous electric bill.

SunPower owns the system on your roof.

  • You pay a monthly amount to "rent" the system and use the energy you produce.
  • For many customers, their lease and remaining utility bill are lower than their previous electric bill.
  • System production is guaranteed for 20 years. If something breaks, we'll fix it.
  • When you sell your home, you can assign the lease to the new homeowner, subject to credit approval. SunPower facilitates this process.

Industry-Leading Warranty

Complete System Warranty

The SunPower® Complete Confidence Warranty is the only home solar warranty to cover your whole system (not just the panels), so you never have to wonder which company you can depend on.

Benefits of our Complete Confidence warranty

SunPower covers 100% of repair or replacement costs, while conventional solar warranties don’t. Labor, shipping, parts – we’ve got your covered for 25 years. Plus we guarantee that your panels won’t lose more than 8% of their original DC power output in 25 years. Compare that to 19% for conventional solar.

Note: 10-year product warranty term for monitoring hardware.

Power, product, and service - we’ve got you covered!

SunPower is the only company that stands behind your entire system, not just the panels. We also:

  • Provide repair or replacement at no additional cost; includes labor and shipping
  • Don’t require receipts, proof of purchase or written claims
  • Cover rust damage, such as in seaside installations
  • Treat the system as a whole

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