Energy Freedom

Introducing Franklin Whole Home Batteries

FranklinWH specializes in home energy management, prioritizing safety, reliability, and independence. Their main product, Franklin Home Power (FHP), integrates solar, battery, grid, and generator power for efficient energy use. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area and backed by Sequoia Capital, FranklinWH brings extensive experience in energy systems to its solutions.

Energy Management

Smart control systems intelligently optimize energy consumption, enabling you to cut down on electricity expenses and lessen dependence on the grid.

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High Capacity

Utilizing cutting-edge lithium-ion technology, the Franklin Home Battery provides ample energy storage capacity tailored to meet the demands of your household.

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly incorporate the Franklin Home Battery into your current solar panels or renewable energy setups for a complete and effective energy solution.

Simple User Interface

Track and manage your energy consumption through an intuitive interface, offering real-time insights into your power usage.

Backup Power

Enjoy uninterrupted power during grid outages thanks to the reliable backup capabilities of the Franklin Home Battery.

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