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Introducing Tesla Powerwall 3
More Power. More Backup. More Savings.

Powerwall 3 enhances outage protection by storing increased energy. With just one unit, your entire household can be backed up, leading to potential savings on your monthly energy expenses. Additionally, Powerwall's integrated design and meticulous engineering render backup power more economical than before.

Low Cost Design

Crafted and engineered to offer comprehensive backup protection for your entire home at a reduced per-unit cost.


Electricity Bill Savings

By harnessing additional solar energy and offering customizable usage settings, you can maximize value and reduce electricity costs.

One Integrated Ecosystem

Crafted to cater to the requirements of home EV charging, offering the capability to prioritize sustainable charging practices and achieve energy efficiency savings.

Durable Design

Crafted and engineered to prioritize reliability and durability, capable of enduring even the most severe weather conditions.

Whole-Home Backup

One unit can deliver comprehensive backup protection for your entire home in the event of a grid outage.

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